{Reflection} Best of 2013!

Best of 2013

Happy new year eve! I hope you’ll be celebrating hard like me! I’m currently in Malaysia for my Xmas holiday. As those who followed my facebook page would know, I won’t be able to post any new recipes as yet due to the limited access of internet here~ but I thought I would still post something to share with you all! How about a 2013 reflection~ I guess today is the best day to do it too! I always love doing reflections of what I do. 2013 is particularly a special year for me because it is the year that my blog, Sincerely Fiona was born. It is the first year being a blogger and have really experienced lots with writing my own recipes and receiving constructive feedback from friends and followers. I can see it “glow” in every way.

Being able to reflect means giving the opportunity to expect and look forward for the new year. Whilst browsing through my blog, I realised that there are a lot of lessons learnt through my cooking experience, successes and failures There are new inventions recipes, “home-brought” recipes, and of course those that are inspired from other bloggers.  With expectations, there are always recipes that many adores and those that ain’t very interesting to all followers! Never mind though..I was surprised enough to see what are the favourites and what not~ I thought it would be great to highlight the 10 most popular recipes from 2013 on Sincerely Fiona.

Recapping 2013’s favourites

Crème Egg Melty Brownies

creme egg brownie 01

What more can you ask for when you get chocolate, brownies & melting crème eggs for an Easter dessert? I’m so looking forward for the next Easter for another creative celebration treat!

Banana Bread

banana bread 01

Who doesn’t like banana bread? Definitely not me! I love using overripe banana for this recipe! And let me tell you, this is a great easy recipe that anyone can do! So why not try it out and serve with yummy butter or jam?

Egg Tarts

eggtart 01

Love this traditional treat of my home culture. Everything I have egg tarts, it reminds me of home~ It reminds me of my childhood! There’s lots of memories~ A lovely little snack for any season! Easy to make!

Puff Pastry Envelopes with mushroom & cheese

mushroom cheese pastry 01

I love puff pastry, this dish has become a picnic and party staple for me whenever I have to prepare for parties! It’s easy, and with lots of flavours! I’m sure you’ll indulge into this!

Taiwanese Pineapple shortcakes

pineapple tart 02

I’ve always love this Taiwanese treat, only except those that you can find are often not using what I called the “pure pineapple puree”. Hence this version is a great deal to stop my craving! Not a hard task, but be prepared to give a lot of time~ but it’s all worthy at the end! It’s a great bite treat!

Matcha Pistachio Cookies

matcha pistachio cookie 03

OOOoo…hhhhh Matcha, I’m a matcha (green tea) fans! Pretty much can have anything with matcha! This cookies are great for parties and general snacks at home! I’ve always have some of these at home for afternoon tea! The nutty pistachio is sooooo GOOD~

Cantonese BBQ pork (Char Siu)

bbqpork 01

Yes, this is best served with steamed rice! This is also IK’s top 10 favourites!  This is a very traditional dish in my home, especially the nice sweet bbq-ed sauce that goes with it! You’ve got to try it for sure!

Herbed Tomato meatballs and baked eggs

meatball 01

I didn’t know really, exactly where I’ve got inspired from with this dish, but it think this is definitely one of the favourite posts of my followers! Probably because it is sorta adapting an Italian European style to it! It didn’t matter, as long as you’ve enjoyed it! It’s a great dish for kids too!

Mixed-sausage rolls & special dipping sauce

sausage rolls 01

If you’ve ever read this post of mine, you would have known that I’ve had a bad experience with sausage rolls in my childhood. IK, on the other side, loves sausage rolls and have brought me to taste the “Real” sausage rolls! From then on, we both enjoyed it lots! I’ve decided to make my very own version for Mr. IK just to keep his tummy happy! I think the tangy sauce goes great with it too! Trust me, try it out!

Banana Oreo thickshake

banana oreo 03

Last but not least, banana thickshake! One of my favourite drinks for summer! I can’t wait for the summer in Sydney~ Although I’m already experiencing some warm and humid weather here in Malaysia! Enjoy!

So that’s it for 2013! I hope you’ll have a great holiday break and looking forward to share more unreal and delicious recipes with you!

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  1. chocolatesuze

    happy new year! here’s to a delicious 2014!

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