Gelato Tour @ Messina

Believe it or not! I’m going on a gelato tour~ If you think that going to a gelato class is a waste of money, and that you can just simply buy it off the shelves, then let me proof you’re wrong~~

Sydney has a horrible weather today, raining and with a very sad looking grey musk over the skies, but that didn’t affect my mood for the day, I’m ready to start my new food tour at Messina for a good gelato evasion! Well, first of all let me tell you what I’ll be doing in the tour.

1. We’ll be going to the gelato factory where Messina makes 10,000 Kg of icecream a week to be distributed to its 3 franchises.  YES!! 10000 KG!! :)
2. We’ll be learning how to make a sorbet and a gelato, and we’ll also be tasting some of the “new creations” that the gelato chef has made (oh, and these won’t be available in the shop – yes we’re the special ones!) We’ll also be making a gelato cake, called the Bombe Alaska. It’s really cool and easy to make! You won’t believe it!
3. Okay, be thrilled about this one!! Overly excited!!!! We’re heading back to one of the franchises and have a 30 minutes feast over the gelatos!! Yeas!!!!!! 40 different flavours, unlimited trying!!!:) Sound Exciting yeah??~

So let the journey begin!

messina 01

So here we are, starting off waiting in the gelato shop, getting ready to be bused to the factory, begins our gelato tour!~ As you can see, the gelato cabinets are still empty..  it’s 9am in the morning…:)

messina 02

What’s next… , with our gelato chef, showing us how to make syrups and custards for our gelato dessert!!!!! The first one done on the right bottom corner – vanilla gelato!!!:) Sounds a bit too ordinary???? Well, Wanna see more.. scroll down~~ more to come with the vanilla gelato!!

messina 03

AHHAHAHAHHA …… laa… it’s vanilla gelato, with passionfruit and strawberry puree.. and crushed pavlovaaa!!! AWESOME to start off with the gelato journey!

Remember that I said earlier that the chef will be providing us the chance to try his “experiments”.. Well, here comes the first one!

Okay.. here we come… Tomato gelato!!!!! What’s more??? olive oil powder!!  It’s actually quite funny in taste, not too sour, but a nice textury tomato gelato that flows into your taste bud, and follow with the olive oil powder, melting along with your tomato gelato.. You know.. just like you’re having a tomato salad with olive oil~ but in a gelato form! Pretty cool isn’t it!

messina 04

What’s next…. well, another chef’s creation!!!! This time, it’s red capsicum gelato with toffee chorizo… OH MY GOODNESS!! The combination is crazzzzzzy!!! But the texture is lovely! The taste is quite sweet tooo,,, it’s better than expected!! And not to forget the toffee chorizo, it’s amazing creation!!! It’s like candied ‘something’…:)messina 05

Ok… After some gelato scoops, we’ve off to making a gelato cake!!!! Oh yes, this time we’re making a Bombe Alaska~ It consists of chocolate, raspberry gelato, with italian meringues and flourless chocolate cake as the base! It’s pretty easy and it is very effective looking cake!:) A definitely WOW-FACTOR!

messina 07

Soon after that, we’re trying out the chef’s third experiement!! I’m soooo fascinated about the creative mind that the chef has! This one is a savory icecream~ Yes, you read it RIGHT! It’s savory!!!!  let’s see!

messina 06

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Roasted chicken gelato with pea meringue, okay, it is savory. .I personally didn’t like it but it was a great experiement to taste something ‘out there!’ Chef told us that he use real chicken stock and blend it with cream and milk and etc~~~ COOL STUFF!! So now you see why I said that it is all worth-it to join this gelato tour!!! It’s absolutely INSANE~~:) HAHAH I’m loving it!

Now after all these cool testing, it comes to the REAL COOL AND EXCITING MOMENT! Yes, 30 minutes of unlimited tries for over 40 different flavoured icecream in the shop!!!!

messina 08

It’s all beautifully churned icecream.. we get to take away a 500ml of litre tub home with 3 choices of gelato~ Isn’t it great!!!! I’ve chose 1 from the special menu – PBH sandwich, which has the most BEAUTIFUL blend of peanut butter. I’ve also got pastachio and double choc matt (which browniesss!!! )

It’s awesome experience once again. All worth the early wake-up calls and bad weather~~:) So that’s my sharing for the day! Enjoy!

Personal Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with any of the products or companies mentioned above, I only posted it based on my likes/dislikes and are purely my own personal opinions and experience. I’m sharing just because I seriously love this gelato workshop!!

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