Banana oreo thickshake

banana oreo 01

Banana, chocolate, banana, caramel.. when it comes to bananas, most people would think of it’s best friend, chocolate, or the 2nd best friend, caramel. But to me, I think banana can go with a 3rd friend, cookies & cream. Summer time has arrived in sydney for almost 2 months already, well, we’re heading to the last month of Summer before the falling leaves appear in front of our eyes. With some left over bananas at home, the best thing would be either to use it for banana bread, or inventing something that kills my thirst! How about a banana oreo thickshake! That sounds just right for the lazy weekend!

I would definitely recommend you to churn your own cookies n cream icecream, just because it taste better, creamier, thicker and yummier! 🙂

fi's invention

You’ll need (makes 2 serves):

  • 2 overriped bananas
  • 6 scoops of cookies ‘n’ cream icecream
  • 200 ml of milk
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 3 original oreo cookies – crushed

banana oreo 02

How to?

  1. Slice banana into small pieces and leave 3-4 pieces aside. Mix rest of the banana with honey.
  2. Pour banana mixture into blender (or milkshake machine if you have one). Blend until banana mixture becomes a mash form.
  3. Add milk and continue blending, one by one, add icecream until it forms a thickshake.
  4. Add oreo cookies last, and hit “pulse” to briefly blend the cookies into the thickshake.
  5. Garnish with banana pieces, or extra oreo cookies if you like.


  • Honey brings a nice sweet flavour to the thickshake, but can be disregards if allergic.
  • Oreo cookies can be replace with chocolate chips.

banana oreo 03


One comment

  1. its look so yummy. Thks for the recipe and the ways 🙂

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