Soy-chocolate peaches custard tart

I’ve always love tarts! Usually the naughty treats are best to cure my sweet tooth and they are always fattening! No doubt, that didn’t really stop me from making them and eating them. Recently, I felt in love with soy products, particular beancurds, soy milk and soy sauce, just to mentioned! 🙂 Kei from my Japanese cooking workshop recently gave me a bottle of 1L soy milk, and the first impression I’ve got was.. I got to do something with it, (well, besides drinking it!), with some left over chocolate bites and almonds, I thought that it would be worthwhile to make a “rather healthier” chocolate tart, substituting soy milk with full cream milk. I must say I was taking a good risk here, well, at least I think it would work after a few hours of recipe research and really understanding “soy milk!”

soy chocolate peach tart 01

No doubt, but soy milk is something that I have since I was a kid. Mum used to buy glass bottles of soy milk, heated up in a steamer and we have it as afternoon tea with some biscuits or egg tarts. Ever since then, soy milk is pretty much our staple drinks, we usually have it sweet, but others like it savory. If you are interested in more biscuits and tarts, check out my recipes of Matcha Pistachio Cookies, Chinese new year fortune cookies, or the easy palmiers!

soy chocolate peach tart 04

Anyway, this recipe would either be something you love or you hate, a quite extreme tart – it has a nice blend of chocolate with soy flavour to the tart, along with glazed peaches and crunky almond flakes. But for those that absolutely hated the soy taste, then this would probably be not the one on your “cooking list!”

PS: Give it a try, you never know!

fi's invention

You’ll need (makes 6):

  • 400 grams of tart pastry
  • 100 grams of peaches in syrup, or fresh peaches ,sliced
  • Icing sugar, to dust
  • Crushed almond, to garnish
  • Apricot Jam

For the custard

  • 500 ml soy milk
  • 180 grams of dark chocolate
  • 2 eggs, lightly whisked
  • 2 teaspoon of vanilla essence
  • 55 grams of caster sugar

soy chocolate peach tart 05

How to?

  1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Divide tart pastry dough in 6 equal portions. On a floured working bench, use wooden pin roll out 3mm thick pastry circle.  Line the pastry onto a fluted tart tin, with removable base and trim excess. Lightly prick base with a fork. Repeat with the rest of the pastry and tart tins. Place in fridge for 15 minutes to rest.
  2. Cover pastry base with baking paper and fill with pastry weights, rice or dried beans. Bake in oven for 10 minutes. Remove paper and pastry weights, rice or beans. Bake for a further 10 minutes or until golden. Remove from oven and reduce oven temperature to 160°C.
  3. To make the custard, break chocolate into small pieces into a heat proof bowl.
  4. Place soy milk in a saucepan and bring just to a simmer over low heat. Remove from heat and pour into the chocolate. Stir with a spatula until all chocolate dissolves.
  5. Whisk eggs, vanilla and sugar into a separate bowl until combined. Quickly whisk hot chocolate milk mixture into the egg mixture. Strain through a sieve into a jug to remove bubbles.
  6. Pour the custard into the cooked pastry case. Bake in oven for 30 minutes or until just set. Remove from oven and set aside to cool.
  7. Top with sliced peaches and brush a thin layer of apricot jam, sprinkle some almond flakes and dust with icing sugar to serve.

soy chocolate peach tart 02


  • Tart pastry can be kept in fridge for 2 days, or 1 week in the freezer. You can also bake the tart first and add the custard later, 30 minutes before you serve. (Don’t forget to bake it first)
  • Make sure you filter the custard through a sieve to avoid bubbles.
  • For more information about the tart pastry, check it out here.
  • If you are using peaches in syrup, make sure you drain and pat dry of the peaches before topping them onto the custard, otherwise the tart will become watery.

soy chocolate peach tart 03


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