About Me

Hi, I’m Fiona, the cook-photographer-creator-blogger behind Sincerely Fiona. I’m an interior designer working in Sydney. I live with my wonderful FIFA lover-taste tester boyfriend fiance husband, Mr. IK.

Life was simple, I was never a cook at home before the age of 24, I have the best mother on earth that prepares my meals for me. Don’t get me wrong, I did attempe to cook sometimes (but only when mum is not around or on holidays!). I bake occasionally, but only the simple ones. I fail a lot but managed to keep trying.

Life become exciting when I decide to move out with IK and that’s when I try to attempt cooking, but failed… Believe it or not, my official training in cooking was not a savory dish, but a dessert. I was introduced to my Patisserie Master back in 2010. My life changed~ well, completely… I made my very first baked Alaska! That moment got me more serious into cooking. I decided to pick up the skills again and begin my cooking journey.

My husband has become my official tester and the examiner of my inventions, I trust his taste-buds and always try to find ways to improve. I slowly begin to love food, especially homemade food. It’s a good way to communicate and celebrate with the loved ones.

I started this blog hoping to use it as a source to collect recipes that I liked and tried. I came up with the name Sincerely Fiona as a name that expresses my feelings toward the food I cook. Every attempt is wholehearted, whether it is a success or failure. It’s the process that counts, and the process that makes me grow.  I hope that these recipes is a good source to make you grow too!

I think sharing is a fun thing to do. So please follow me here and about. You can like Sincerely Fiona on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. Perhaps, browse through my PinterestInstagram, Foodgawker and Tastespotting. You can also subscribe to my RSS Feed and Feedly to get the latest updates! Don’t forget to check out the Recipe Index to find inspirational recipes. Enjoy!

Please connect with me by dropping me a line through my Contact Form.

Sincerely Fionawww.sincerelyfiona.com

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