Just a few things that you should:


  • Post discussions, ideas and constructive comments that are relevant to the blog.
  • Leave a comment on the direct recipe post, if you have any questions. I will reply quicker that way and it gives advantages to others who might have the same question as you.
  • Join my social network and support me!
  • Subscribe and follow my blog so you don’t miss a recipe.
  • Pin my post to your pinterest for sharing with others.
  • Share my page with your friends.
  • Get inspiration from my blog is fine, as long as a specific credit link is on your post – not just the homepage. Giving credits to the author and original sources shows respect.
  • Email me if you would like to work with me, either for a sponsorship or to try out your products. Though, the sponsorships, partnerships and give-aways must fits in my blog philosophy before consideration is to be made.


  • Post inappropriate or irrelevant links and URL. They will be automatically deleted without notice.
  • Post rude comments. Don’t post something on the blog that you won’t say to a friend in real life.
  • Copy and use the photos on this blog. If you want to use my photo for any reasons, please let me know first for permission.
  • Copy word-by-word from my recipe. It does not show any characteristic to your blog by copying.
  • Ask for nutrition guides for the recipes. I’m not a nutritionist nor a dietician, this is simply only a blog to share recipes that I have done. You can get the calories/fat counters on google. They are very helpful.
  • Ask for ONLY positive feedback (about your products -suppliers). I am very honest in what I think when I write about this blog and will express my personal opinions. I strongly believe this is the greatest way to share ideas and inspirations. So ‘no hard feelings’~

Sincerely Fionawww.sincerelyfiona.com

What's your thoughts?

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