Special Ingredients & Tools

First of all I must say, I’m a freak to Sunbeam and Breville, well if you don’t know what they are, they are electrical appliance suppliers, and they are 2 of my favourite suppliers in Sydney. I always wish that I could have a piece of everything (well, at least every category) of them simply because they are very handy, easy to use and comes with full warranty! 🙂 You know, as a consumer, you always have to make sure what you buy is not only worthy the budget, but also you love it and wanting to use it lifetime!!! Besides these two main suppliers that I’m dying for, there are also other occasional tools that I love and they come from all over the place (well, I mean different suppliers) .. HAHA, BUT what I think is really useful will be these mentioned below (hm.. at least I own one myself and I use them very often!)

Coffee Machine – this one comes from Nespresso. I’m a freak to caffeine and often now and then, I love making treats and desserts that contains coffee in it!

Beatermix®There’s many fancy coloured handmixers out there that are quite eye-catching, but to me, weight is the most important thing I look for with handmixer. Nothing is more painful than beating up white eggs and meringues with a heavy rock-liked handmixer. This one is quite nice and reasonable for its price too.

Mixmaster® Compact ProBench Mixer, how can you not have a benchmixer at home! It is the most convenient item invented on earth. Mixing your bowl of ingredients on the mixer and doing other things with your hands! How cool is that! The best thing I like about this, is that it can also be converted into a handmixer! So it’s a 2-1 action!

Blenders are smoothies and juices and cocktails’ best friend. You’ll definitely need one of these!

StickMaster® ProStick blend is great for making mashes, chopping down food into purees and fine finish. They are great to use and very handy!

Last but not least, pots and pans, how can you not nice pots and pans.. most importantly, they need to be good stainless steel and non-sticky! Tefal is lovely!

Personal Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with any of the products or companies mentioned above, I only posted it based on my likes/dislikes and are purely my own personal opinions. I’m sharing just because I seriously love these equipments and tools!

What's your thoughts?

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