honey-garlic-butter chicken 04
Honey Garlic Buttery
Chicken Wings
teriyaki chicken 03
Teriyaki Chicken
sweetsour chicken 03
SSS Chicken –
(sweet, sour, spicy)
chicken stock 01
Homemade Chicken Stock
beancurd 03
beancurd wraps
japcurry 03
Japanese chicken curry
steam chicken 01
Steam chicken with Black
fungus & chinese sausage
chic-mushie 01
Chicken-mushie in
creamy corn sauce
 soy sauce chicken drumstick 01
Soy Sauce Chicken
satay chicken snow pea stir fry
Satay chicken stir fry
with tofu and cashew
Thai pineapple fried rice
Thai Pineapple Fried
Rice with Chicken
chicken skewer in unagi sauce
Chicken Skewers
in Unagi Sauce
braised chicken wings in oyster sauce 02
Braised chicken
wings with oyster
chinese roast duck
Chinese Roasted


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