Quick & Easy

sausage rolls 01
Mixed-sausage rolls &
special dipping sauce
colourful frittata 02
Tempura Seaweed
cherry creamcheese slice 01
Cherry cheese baked
cantonese fruit salad 03
Potato,egg & fruit salad
(Cantonese Style)
nutty rockroad 01
Nutty Fruitty Oreo
D-choco rockyroads
mascarpone blueberry matchstick 01
Mascarpone Blueberry
palmiers 01
Crispy Palmiers
mushroom cheese pastry 01
Puff Pastry Envelopes
With Mushrooms &
peapastebake 01
Rainbow salmon
pasta bake
sweet potato chips 03
Sweet Potato Wedges
with blue cheese dip
trio fruit nutella spring rolls 02
Trio Fruits & Nutella
spring rolls
lemon, ginger white chocolate slice 05
Lemon, ginger &
white chocolate
easy beef tacos 01
Easy Beef Tacos
soy sauce chicken drumstick 03a
Soy Sauce Chicken
Blueberry Cinnamon Pancakes
Cinnamon Pancakes
with Blueberry Sauce
Tteokbokki (Korean
Spicy Rice Cake)
brown butter buttermilk fruity cake
Brown Butter
Fruity Cake
cinnamon plum tart
Cinnamon Plum
chicken skewer in unagi sauce
Chicken Skewers
in Unagi Sauce
homemade bacon & egg muffin
BBQ bacon and poached
eggs in English muffin
portugese custard tarts
Custard Tarts
Cantonese mango pudding
Mango Pudding
Chocolate chips peanut butter banana pancakes with salted caramel sauce
Choco Chips,
peanut butter
banana pancakes
with salted
caramel Sauce


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